Expedited Delivery

We know each penny counts. Everyone is doing more with fewer resources to spare. You want to maximize productivity without hiring additional staff and carrying excessive (extra) inventory. But what happens if a machine breaks down, an order was not placed, you didn’t realize you would need a shock – and you need your product NOW? This is why we provide our EXPEDITED DELIVERY SERVICE*. Efdyn’s standard delivery on custom shocks is 4 weeks; however, utilizing our EXPEDITED DELIVERY SERVICE*, your order is guaranteed to ship within 10 business days. A PREMIUM EXPEDITED DELIVERY SERVICE* is available for some units & comes with a 5 day guarantee.

*Some restrictions apply

Please contact us at 800-950-1172 or sales@efdyn.com to check availability of this service for your shock absorber needs. At Efdyn, we are always willing to work harder for you! If another company quotes you 12-16 weeks, give us a call. We’ll take care of you in a fraction of that time. When it comes to deliveries, Efdyn stands for Extremely Fast Deliveries You Need.