Rotary Damper Supplier

Rotary-DampersAs a rotary damper supplier, Efdyn offers an extensive line of Kinetrol hydraulic rotary dampers and rotary dashpots. Our units are precision fluid dampening devices that give a smooth resistance to shaft rotation, which increases with angular velocity.

These viscous dampers are available for either limited rotation or continuous rotation applications. As with all of Efdyn’s products; these are the most rugged and dependable units on the market.

High torque rotary dampers and rotary dashpots are used for speed control, shock absorption, slipping drives, mechanical delays and much more.

  • Fixed rate and adjustable models
  • Available rate: .004 to 35,400 in-lb/rad/sec
  • Continuous rotation and limited rotation models
  • Zinc and aluminum alloy bodies
  • Most durable units on market

Rotary Damper PDF Download

KD (.8 to 2,600 in-lb)
LA (22 to 2,660 in-lb)
LB (35 to 3,500 in-lb)
LD (443 to 35,400 in-lb)
LE (443 to 26,550 in-lb)
NCRD (.004 to 3.8 in-lb)
QCRD (.02 to 15 in-lb)
SCRD (.18 to 75 in-lb)
TCRD (1 to 390 in-lb)
XCRD (.18 to 50 in-lb)